Reihana Robinson

AUP New Poets v3 AUP NEW POETS 3

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Reihana's poetry collection Waiting for the Palagi was featured in this Auckland University Press publication together with New Zealand poets Janis Freegard and Katherine Liddy.

Puna Wai KoreroPuna Wai Kōrero: An Anthology of Māori Poetry in English
Edited by Reina Whaitiri & Robert Sullivan

In this pioneering anthology, two leading Māori poets and scholars collect together many Māori poetic voices in English and let flow a wellspring of poetry.

From revered established writers as well as exciting new voices, the poems in Puna Wai Kōrero offer a broad picture of Māori poetry in English. The voices are many and diverse: confident, angry, traditional, respectful, experimental, despairing and full of hope, expressing a range of poetic techniques and the full scope of what it is to be Māori.

From Rangi Faith's 'Karakia to a silent island' to Ben Brown claiming back Baxter's 'Maori Jesus', Phil Kawana's 'Scenes from a council tenancy' and Reihana Robinson's rewrites of the Rona and the moon legend, Tuwhare's lines on a snail shell and Jacq Carter's lines on the Ōmaru River, there is much diversity in this kete. There are poems from all walks of life and using different modes of writing, laments for koro and hopes for mokopuna, celebrations of the land and anger at its abuse, retellings of myth and reclamations of history.

From the chanted songs and oratory of a traditional culture, to engagement with the English language in the nineteenth century, and on into the cultural revival of the late twentieth century, Māori have always been deeply engaged with poetic forms, and Puna Wai Kōrero showcases that deep whakapapa and celebrates its current strength.

Her Limitless Her

THE KILLING NATION: New Zealand's State-Sponsored Addiction to Poison 1080

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Living as I do for most of the year in a remote part of the Coromandel, Aotearoa New Zealand, I am involved with environmental research, in particular New Zealand's controversial use of aerial poisoning of wild animals. I work in organic farming and sustainable land use as well as a range of land issues at regional and local level.

The Killing Nation: New Zealand's State-Sponsored Addiction to Poison 1080 is the final part of a series exposing the urban/rural divide. At present this volume is available on Amazon and at select bookstores in NZ. The earlier volumes are in production and are available as one book under the collective title Rural Revolt: In Defence of Coromandel's Wild Kingdom.