Reihana Robinson

Reihana Robinson
Photo by Jono Rotman
Love can be this long

in the distance a feeding heron
glinting winter light on pleated seas

flax leaves waving in the wind
we are basking on flat rocks

we ask how long and does it matter?
a rhythm beats against the bowl

slick bread dough on the kitchen bench
a black fly lands on the bowl

we are standing at the baggage carousel
we stare in disbelief

we say this love is long

tribal mutterings fill the airwaves
discordant disruptive peace is

never where you expect to find it
we hear the noises

and whisper as if not to
disturb the universe

a lamp sits on the table waiting
night seeps into the quiet room

one says to the other a song I can't quite
remember lyrics on the tip of my tongue

love can be this long